We are a Spanish company, working with materials mainly produced in Spain

Six years’ experience and an ever-growing clientele vouch for the quality of our work.

We make costume jewellery for companies, souvenir shops, gift shops, etc., personalised to suit your individual needs.

We coat with resin whatever picture you choose. The picture may be provided by you, the customer, or designed by us.

The piece may be of sterling silver 925 or plated brass, depending on the customer's preferences. In our catalogue you will find standard sizes and shapes, as well as clasps, hooks, cords, beads, etc. However, we are entirely open to consider other materials, sizes, etc. to suit your particular needs.

Packaging: cellophane bag, metallic-look bag, silk bag or rigid case, depending on your budget and needs.

We do not require a minimum order because we understand that you may wish to check that our product is entirely to your satisfaction before placing a larger order. This flexibility is what distinguishes us from other companies.

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